Dr Mary Anne Hall the Director of EPEC Education has been working in the early childhood education and care sector for 12 years. She provides a wealth of knowedge and experience tailored to the current trends in the industry. These webinars are great for those entering the childcare industry or wanting to add to their professional development portfolio. 

All Webinars are able to be replayed and do not expire. In addition to a recording of the webinar you also receive the PowerPoint presentations to refer back too.  

Children in transitionBuy Now

Children in transition: Strategies for supporting children of divorce and separation in the education and care setting 

  • How children’s behaviour is impacted by parental conflict
  • The importance of maintaining routines and rules during family transition
  • The importance of educators and carers remaining neutral during parental conflict
  • How educators and caregivers can validate and acknowledge children during family transition 

Total course cost $29.95

Unpacking the QIPBUY  Now


Unpacking the QIP: Key strategies for developing and maintaining your Quality Improvement Plan 

  • How to plan and write your QIP
  • The importance of the QIP to your Assessment & Ratings score
  • Identifying and implementing areas of improvement
  • Maintaining your QIP

Promoting Customer Service in the Childcare IndustryBUY Now

Promoting Customer Service in the Childcare Industry: Tips for providing a warm and welcoming experience for parents and families 

  • How to build trusting relationships
  • Key issues for resolving issues with customers
  • Emotional intelligence

Total course cost $29.95

Unpacking feelingsBUY Now

Unpacking feelings: Strategies for dealing with stressed and anxious children 

  • How to identify an anxious child
  • Strategies on how to comfort an anxious child
  • Practical tips for behaviour redirection

Total course cost $29.95

Fostering holistic play spacesBUY Now

Fostering holistic play spaces: A natural approach to play and learning 

  • Creating stimulating indoor and outdoor play spaces
  • Using natural and recycled materials for play
  • Understanding the value and stages of play
  • Supporting and facilitating children's play and learning

Total course cost $29.95

Provide care for childrenBUY Now

Provide for care for children: Introductory strategies for a safe and nurturing environment

  • Tips for toilet training
  • Organising indoor and outdoor environments
  • Strategies for maintaing hygiene
  • Minimizing separation anxiety

Total course cost $29.95

Support the behaviour of childrenBUY Now

Support the behaviour of young people

  • Setting up a supportive room
  • Guidenlines for developing behavioural expectations 
  • Developing and reviewing personalised support plans
  • Strategies to deal with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)

Total course cost $29.95
  • Provide care for children


    Professional development resources - Webinar and Power Point slides

  • Online Short Course

    Food Safety in Childcare


  • Child Protection

    Spotlight on Mandatory Reporting

    Online Webinar - Tuesday the 19th of March at 12pm (AEST Brisbane)

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